Following is a small list of works that I have undertaken. I have provided links to few of them so that you are able to view and determine the quality of my work. It is only a sample of my work.

Research work and Data Entry

  • US/Canadian Real Estate
  • Investment Clubs
  • Tweet Scheduling (More than 5000 numbers)
  • World IS Providers
  • CIOs Department of Energy, US
  • Underground and Pizza Restaurants
  • Dermitologists in US
  • Web Designers in US
  • Chicago DJs and Live Bands
  • Art Exhibition Halls in London, UK
  • Banks around the world
  • Print on Demand - Publishers(Australia)
  • Dog Leash Products Manufacturers
  • Golf Courses in US

Research Work - Management Subjects
  • Vision and Mission - Management Style
  • Why Budget?
  • Historical View on Leadership
  • Eugenic and Eugenic Scholars around the world
  • Coffee Consumption Statistics in USA
  • A Report on Organizational Culture
  • Clinical Trial on Cancer Research
  • Intigrated Farming
  • India's Investment in Africa - A Study

Miscellaneous Tasks
  • Circulate information to persons in & around the world.
  • Receive information and forward them to parent office.
  • Create blog, write content and maintain the Blog.
  • Social media assistance - Twitter, Face Book etc.