Why keralaassistant?

Requirement of a virtual assistant can come up for any type of businesses, be it small or big. Small businesses can delegate their back office works to the virtual assistant whereas big businesses can use the virtual assistant to finish off urgent or temporary back office jobs which might burden their regular workforce. Needless to say for a small business with a shoestring business, hiring a virtual assistant would be a boon.

Heard of an assistant who is on duty 24/7/365? Needs to be paid only for the hours he works, doesn’t need paid leaves or coffee breaks. No arguments about perks or bonuses. An efficient and reliable Virtual Assistant who is available on call for a web research, data entry work, email sorting or for a website designing. If it sounds too good to be true – welcome to the world of virtual assistants. A boon for all those who needs assistance but can’t or don’t want to hire a full time employee for whatever reason.

What you can except from me

Online Research

Research on any topics or information and arrange data in excel sheet or word as is required. I have collected huge volumes of data pertaining to various subjects. Please visit page portfolio.

Data Entry

Data entry of all types online or offline. Enter data from a PDF file, manuscript or image to Excel/Word, extract data from web sites and enter in Excel sheet or word, Data collection, data entry of e-books, mailing list, sorting and indexing data into any format.

Web Designing

A website is a business tool to improve your business processes and generate income. Web designing and development is a team work and experienced, qualified and skilled person handle the job very efficiently. My team can develop simple to complex websites.

Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistant can help improve your communications by managing your inbox. We can monitor your incoming messages, create standard response protocols, remove spam and junk mail, and alert you of urgent matters.

What a Virtual Assistant can do?

Research on topics for blogposts, newsletters or others

Common requests include finding information on corporate websites, exploring new products and vetting potential employees or business contacts. Please remember to provide clear instructions, user names and passwords to get access to paid websites.

Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided)

When your blog starts making money, you might find yourself much busier than you expected. Between blogging, social media and answering emails, you may feel like escaping from your office. Fortunately, a Virtual Assistant can help with all of these tasks.

Manage and update Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

You know there is no plug-in for responding to comments. A virtual assistant can replying to comments on your social media, make new posts which will free up your time. Time is money!

Promote your blog posts. Set-up Social Media Accounts.

Promote each new posts you publish, and also promote old posts. This will help to increase your traffic. There are many places where yould benefit from a virtual assistant.